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Website Under (Re)Construction

Please forgive the mess. I'm trying to bring Delirious Scribbles to the next level. Some old pages aren't available while their new versions are built, but everything you can click should be functional.

These pages are being rewritten.
Please be patient, revisions are the heart and soul of good writing.

A Living Anthology of Writer's Life

Welcome to Delirious Scribbles, my official website. My name is Michael J. Allen - also known as The Scribbler. I'm a traditionally and independently published best-selling cross genre author. I write almost every day, splitting my time across multiple series and many genres. You'll soon learn I love writing (scribbling) and cooking and a host of other things. Throughout this site you'll find stuff about all of it.

Since a writer's life is in itself something of a living anthology, it makes a static website difficult to achieve. So as I muck about with my spare moments, I might break things, move them or otherwise encourage a little joyous chaos. Please be patient, revisions are the heart and soul of good writing. I hope you enjoy your time here and be encouraged to reach out to me here or on social media. Now on with the show....

“A storyteller fills the world with wonder and in so doing makes the world wonderful…”


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