Writing Resources

These pages are being rewritten.
Please be patient, revisions are the heart and soul of good writing.

Books About Writing

While I don’t consider my library of writing books will ever be complete, I have a number of books that I’ve found to be incredible resources. Seek out some of them at your local library.


Essays and articles about particular writing quandaries.


In addition to books, the internet provides a myriad of resources. As the list grows I’ll probably organize them by category, but for now enjoy the madness.

  • Seventh Sanctum – some quick story idea generators, great for exercises, writing experiments or just random inspiration.
  •  The Writer’s Den – a UK source for random generators and writing tips.
  • Short Story Ideas – This site generates three words for the writer to turn into a story. I like it for challenging myself to think outside the box.
  • Chaotic Shiny – This site specializes for RPGs (useful when I’m written out), but the modern/fantasy character generators go into depth including descriptions and attitudes.
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