This topic’s pretty extensive. There are a number of ways to go about publishing, but this is specifically about Indie or Micropress publishing. I’ve included my promotional steps since they’re part of my normal publishing timeline. Again, this is my process so your mileage may vary. Some of these items with be marked as [Print] or [eBook] only.

  1. Create front matter for the manuscript:
    1. [Print] Half title page with graphic which ties to outer cover.
    2. [Print] Books by list
    3. Title page: Title, byline, publishing imprint
    4. Copyright page with ISBN assignments.
    5. Dedication
    6. [eBook] Link Table of Contents
  2. Create back matter for the manuscript:
    1. Acknowledgements/Note from Author
    2. Get Involved
      1. I have a standard get involved insert that covers half a page. It informs the readers what they can do for ANY author they enjoy. Don’t forget that all of us are in this together.
    3. Excerpt or sequel or alternate series.
    4. [eBook] Books by list with links
      1. Be courteous with your links. Don’t try to link an iBookstore ePUB to Amazon. Links should send the reader back to your website where they can choose which bookstore they prefer. If you are concerned about the extra click-through sending them to your site, make sure each eBook has links appropriate to its distributor.
      2. Personally, I like using a Universal Book Link(UBL) as provided through I use a custom link to each title which provides the reader with all the stores offering you eBook – or their preferred if they’ve already chosen one.
    5. (optional) Another Author’s Book: This is a personal choice, but if I’m publishing a book myself, then I control the contents. I know a lot of authors that would appreciate the love, just two things:
      1. Get their PERMISSON first.
      2. Make sure everything is 150% correct and that the links go to wherever they want you to send readers.
    6. Author Bio
    7. Author Contact/Social Media Info
  3. Select your keywords (more on this later)
  4. Update Bowker with all the pertinent information
  5. Publish the physical copies
    1. Convert .docx to PDF and convert to greyscale
    2. Convert cover files to PDF – see publisher cover guidelines for specifics.
    3. Upload cover and interior PDFs to Createspace. Do NOT let Createspace do the conversions for you. Do NOT let Createspace convert your print book to Kindle. (Print books and eBooks need to be formatted in different ways or the eBook will look unprofessional)
    4. Order physical proof copies
      1. READ the physical proof. I find reading the physical in my favorite cafe with only a highlighter on hand allows me to catch any last mistakes missed editing in electronic format Make changes as needed.
      2. Double check front matter, back matter, headers, footers, page numbers, scene break positions, chapter breaks and overall page layouts. Make changes as needed.
      3. Double check the cover, the ISBN, the barcode, your blurb text, title text, spine text, etc. Make changes as needed.
    5. Setup hardback and upload cover and interior files on IngramSpark
    6. Setup paperback and upload cover and interior files on IngramSpark
    7. Preorder copies of both
    8. Double check IngramSpark copies the same as Createspace (Only reread it if you want to, but at this point I’m sick to death of the story.)
  6. Order print copies for convention sales.
  7. Add front/back covers to print PDF, rename to ISBN and upload “Look Inside” to Amazon Author Central
  8. Register copyright with library of congress using Look Inside PDF
  9. Create PDF of Chapter 1 for except uploads.
  10. Convert Print format interior to eBook format.
  11. Remove chapter graphics if you want to save file space.
  12. Check for conversion errors.
  13. Publish the eBook(s)
    1. Upload *.docx and cover file to Kindle Direct Publishing and setup book
    2. Download copy of KDP .mobi file
    3. Import .mobi into Calibre
    4. Convert to .epub
    5. EDIT the .epub file to fix errors from Amazon’s conversion process and correct hyperlink issues.
    6. Convert to .mobi
    7. Upload .mobi to KDP
    8. Upload .epub to Draft2Digital, do not include Kobo, Amazon or iBooks in distribution list.
    9. Upload .epub to iBookstore
    10. Upload .epub to Kobo, configure for Overdrive
    11. Double check eBook .docx against Smashwords file requirements
    12. Upload .docx to Smashwords, do not include any distrubition channels included previouisly.
  14. Distribute eBooks to Launch Team
  15. Photograph Hardback/Paperback/Kindle/iPad stack. Upload to website.
  16. Setup/Order book cover cards.
  17. Setup/Order bookmarks if needed.
  18. Setup/Order convention hanging/table banners
  19. Add book page to website, remove project progress bars from website, add book page to menus, upload excerpt
  20. Setup book page on Goodreads
  21. Add book to Bookbub
  22. Add book to Autography
  23. Schedule social media cover reveals via Hootsuite.
  24. Prepare social media banners, set reminders to update after final cover reveal.
  25. Prepare release day blog post.
  26. Set reminder to adjust price of first book in series.
  27. Setup/apply for promotions around release date.
  28. Go write/edit something else while waiting for release date
  29. Survive Release Day
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