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Modern High Fantasy

Magic, moonshine and mercenaries fill a world of bad blood and bitter feuds. Families are torn by lines of power and secrets Magic doesn’t want known. Join 400 year old peanut farmer and wizard Jedediah Shine as he defends humanity and the Fey from one another while both leave murders on his doorstep. Its a world of dragons and elves, centaurs and pixies where youth is a key-turn away and ultimate power is guarded by a simple deed.

Mysterious killers and the Fey he’s sworn to protect besiege southern farmer and sorcerer Jedediah Shine with murder victims, threatening his family, freedom and magic’s deepest secret.

Murder in Wizard's Wood multiple format

Available in Hardback, Paperback and eBook worldwide.

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Book Details:

Category:  Modern High Fantasy
Series: Bittergate (Book 1)
Paperback: 372 pages
Publisher: Delirious Scribbles Ink (July 12, 2016)
Language: English
International Trade Paperback: 978-1944357054
Hardback: 978-1944357061
Kindle eBook: 978-1944357085
EPUB eBook: 978-1944357078

Book 1 Synopsis:


or centuries, Southern peanut farmer Jedediah Shine has protected secret preserves of Wild Fey from humanity. He’s shielded modern humanity from bloodthirsty Fey. Unknown factions from both are dropping fresh corpses on his lawn, leaving Jedediah holding the body bags.

A vengeful mercenary company resurrect an ancient blood feud. Forewarned against direct action, the Namhaid orchestrate a subtle plot pitting the wizard against law enforcement agencies. Rebellious young centaurs challenge borders guarded by the wizard to keep them hidden. They unleash a genocidal war on humanity and the Guardians keeping them caged. Unwitting pawns of a deeper menace, both serve a greater plot to rob Jedediah of magic’s deepest secret.

Woods filled with murder victims vie for Jedediah’s attention against a jealous elven ex-lover and Jedediah’s new, seemingly reincarnated girlfriend. Two out-of-control teenage sorceresses and a Cherry Coke addicted dragonling further complicate Jedediah’s attempts to root out the mysterious murderers.

A Federal manhunt leaves Jedediah’s charges unprotected. Centaurs attack his foster daughter. A rogue Namhaid agent takes the fight to Jedediah, intent to carve a reputation from the wizard’s corpse. His assault nearly kills the young dragonling, putting Jedediah on its mother’s dinner menu.

In order to protect his loved ones and the Golden Gate to magic’s source, Jedediah must stop the Namhaid, clear his name and avoid ending up a snack. When all seems lost, a seemingly desperate enemy offers Jedediah a key to unraveling all. Could it merely be the bait on the most sinister trap yet? Does he have a choice? What will it cost to stop the murders in his wood?

Wizard’s Bane is on the warpath. Jedediah’s missing. The Namhaid are rebuilding only miles from the farm. Jordan and Drake must choose between rescuing everything they’ve come to love or abandoning it all for new safer lives – if it isn’t already too late.

The Wizard's Bane front cover

Available in Hardback, Paperback and eBook worldwide.

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Book Details:

Category:  Modern High Fantasy
Series: Bittergate (Book 2)
Paperback: 362 pages
Publisher: Delirious Scribbles Ink (April 18, 2017)
Language: English
International Trade Paperback: 978-1944357269
Hardback: 978-1944357276
eBook: 978-1944357283

Book 2 Synopsis:


elith’Seravin and his Wizard’s Bane are on the warpath. Their ranks swell, drawing discontent recruits from many of the Fey communities. Quadruplet faun sorceresses embolden a daring raid, capturing the powerful necromancer Mauve. With arcane and shaman magic helping apprehend and execute wizards worldwide, Velith’Seravin courts full-scale Fey War by abducting dragonlings fostered by the wizards slain. Unbeknownst to him, his sorceresses owe the Namhaid wizard, Zero, for their enhanced powers.

Jordan’s alone. Jedediah and Drake are nowhere to be found. The farmhouse is in ruins. Jedediah’s ex-girlfriend Billie Jo hounds her, trying to save Jordan from Jedediah’s satanic influence. She drags Jordan back to school. She drags Jordan back into the system she thought she’d escaped. Her new foster mother is a sociopath. She’s struggling to survive Wizard’s Bane assaults, bounty hunters and church ladies armed with holy water, when she finds herself besieged by imperiled pre-teens pleading for her protection. Protecting one leads to the discovery of a secret Namhaid base built locally in Jedediah’s absence.

Drake has exiled himself as punishment for letting Lanea’s attacker escape. He drags himself out of a drunken Cherry Coke oblivion when Mauve’s apprentice, Kane, arrives with dire news and vicious sorceresses on his tail. He abandons Kane and his troubles to Jordan, flying cross-country to beg Stormfall for help reaching a desperately needed but broken Jedediah. En route, he discovers centaurs are kidnapping dragonlings when he helps an injured Salyse. Burgeoning feelings war with guilt-riddled love. Pursued by dragon hunters Drake must choose: sacrifice avenging Lanea or rescue Salyse.

Jordan and Drake must find the strength to survive in a dangerous adult world. They must face their demons while protecting those in desperate need of their help. Can they face off against Zero and Stormfall and Wizard’s Bane without letting anyone die?

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