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I’m a writer. It’s who I am, what I love, a lifestyle and a stress outlet. To be specific, I’m a discovery writer. I enjoy seeing how my stories evolve, seeing where the characters lead me and perhaps most of all listening to readers’ responses to the tales I pen. These are my scribbles (my writings) both free and for sale. Enjoy!

What’s a discovery writer?

There are two basic kinds of writers: discovery and architect (formerly pantsers and outliners). I write like someone planning a road trip. I know where the story starts. I usually know where the story ends. I know a few places I really want to stop along the way, but other than those things I’m taking this trip with the characters one turn at a time. We may sideline to a great highway diner, chase an artifact we didn’t know we needed, or help a down and out character we met along the way.  I get to enjoy the story in much the same way you do, it just takes longer.

How come you have so many stories?

Put simply, ideas are cheap. They’re a billion a penny, so like other authors I never have a shortage of new stories I’m waiting to writer. The only shortage I seem to have is time to write them all.

Why do you write so many different kinds of stories instead of sticking to one genre?

My scribbles come from all those ideas we talked about. They might start with a character or a scene or a bunch of little ideas might just suddenly click together. I like to read all sorts of things, so I write stories in all the cool genres I love. I also like to challenge myself to try new stories and new kinds of storytelling.

How do you come up with a story?

Someone asked me this a long time ago. My answer was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I’m fond of it so I’m going to repeat it. Essentially a voice emerges in my head, often a fully formed character with thoughts, attitude and a distinct voice. He or she regales me with his story and pleads for me to chronicle it. Of course, he’s hardly the only voice in there waiting for a story to be told. Arguments ensue, usually devolving into something of a mental knife fight, complete with bad Star Trek TOS soundtrack. The winner lays the winning knife to my throat and threatens me. I write his story next.

Are you saying you hear voices?

Not the way you mean, but sure, “I hear imaginary people.”

Writing often feels as if I merely a chronicler, penning a story told in my ear – kind of like I imagine it works with a medium hearing the dead. If I didn’t hear a character’s voice I could never tell their story in a way a reader could hear it.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come from a writing session and told one of my advance readers, “You’ll never guess what I learned today.” It’s a wonderful experience.

Why list so many novels if they’re unpublished?

This site is a living anthology, a presentation of my body of work. Each item I list is a finished novel even if it isn’t published. Many of them are circulating through agent or publisher submissions. Some of them are being considered for publish, whether traditional or self-published. I want them presented, their excerpt available, to whet your appetite, because it is the visitors here who can help make each one’s journey into the public eye a reality.

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The Adventures of B.J. Craft: A Reader Molded Story

B.J. Craft is a successful novelist, but he’s not great at juggling the real world and the imaginary ones in his head. When an ancient spell brings B.J. imagination to life, his life takes a turn for the bizarre. Join his adventures, but not just as a spectator. Your comments help drive the story, choosing its direction in this dynamic version of the old Choose Your Own Adventures stories.

Explore the Adventures of B.J. Craft

Once Upon a Ruin

B.J. Craft is on vacation, but his girlfriend constantly complains that he’s never far from his creations. An accident changes her complaints into reality

Imaginary Frenemies

B.J.’s imaginary antagonist seems real even though there’s no way she could be. Does she have a plan to help him decide?

Catch & Release

B.J.’s imaginary antagonist Pihaa has brought the authorities down on his head. How will he get out of the mess she’s dragged him into?

Wishful Dying

Episode 3 received no comments, leaving Pihaa – the imaginary antagonist brought to life by Mayan magic – without a leash while she holds a gun on the authorities.  Will she kill the officers or let him go to a Mexican jail?


Coming Soon


Coming Soon.

The Bittergate Chronicles

Magic, moonshine and mercenaries fill a world of bad blood and bitter feuds. Families are torn by lines of power and secrets Magic doesn’t want known. Join 400 year old peanut farmer and wizard Jedediah Shine as he defends humanity and the Fey from one another while both leave murders on his doorstep. Its a world of dragons and elves, sniper rifles and Dodge Chargers, centaurs and pixies where youth is a key-turn away and ultimate power is guarded by a simple deed.

Explore the Bittergate Chronicles

Murder in Wizard's Wood

Book 1

For centuries, Southern peanut farmer Jedediah Shine has protected secret preserves of Wild Fey from humanity. He’s shielded modern humanity from bloodthirsty Fey. Unknown factions from both are dropping fresh corpses on his lawn, leaving Jedediah holding the body bags.

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The Wizard's Bane

Book 2

Velith’Seravin and his Wizard’s Bane are on the warpath. Their ranks swell, drawing discontent recruits from many of the Fey communities. Quadruplet faun sorceresses embolden a daring raid, capturing the powerful necromancer Mauve. With arcane and shaman magic helping apprehend and execute wizards worldwide, Velith’Seravin courts full-scale Fey War by abducting dragonlings fostered by the wizards slain. Unbeknownst to him, his sorceresses owe the Namhaid wizard, Zero, for their enhanced powers.

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The Scion Series

Intergalactic foes clash over Earth’s atmosphere. Welorin victors invade Earth, subjugating its people. His people, past and memory stolen by the invasion, a teen boy, Alaric, struggles to survive in ruined wastes. He escapes Earth’s solar system with the help of a ship’s computer fed up with serving pirate crews. Intent to return to Earth, he sets out to gather resources, repair the ship, and return to free planet and friends from the invaders. He finds a strange universe filled with exotic species, pirates, bureaucrats, rivals and slavers arrayed to stop him. Betrayed, Alaric is forced to decide what he truly holds dear and just how far he’s willing to go to achieve his goals.

Explore the Scion Series

Scion of Conquered Earth

Book 1

An alien force has descended upon Earth. Fighters bombard the ruins. Monsters hunt the wastes – some humans serving the Welorin in order to indulge their petty cruelties. The last free survivors struggle against starvation and capture. It’s a world where friendship costs too dearly and heroics verge on suicide.

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Stolen Lives

Book 2

Alaric’s made a new life in the Protectorate despite his missing memories. His ship’s AI, Cassii, and a successful trading venture help fill his accounts with enough credits to finish repairing his ship for a rescue mission to Earth. Or would have, had his heroics not smashed Cassiopeia once more.

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Book 2+

Manc Shepherd’s alive and mad as hedrin. His plan to trap Alaric backfired, nearly costing his life. His backup ambush failed. The kid’s in the wind and Corollas want Manc for the death of Birak and Strepe—the Bishop’s enforcers. Everything he’s done to attain a position within the Corollas upper echelon has been blasted to ashes, but Manc’s not willing to give up his vendetta against the Bishop.

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