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The Adventures of B.J. Craft: A Reader Molded Story

B.J. Craft is a successful novelist, but he’s not great at juggling the real world and the imaginary ones in his head. When an ancient spell brings B.J. imagination to life, his life takes a turn for the bizarre. Join his adventures, but not just as a spectator. Your comments help drive the story, choosing its direction in this dynamic version of the old Choose Your Own Adventures stories.

Comment on Episode 4 Before it's Too Late.


Help mold the adventure with your comments.

Once Upon a Ruin

B.J. Craft is on vacation, but his girlfriend constantly complains that he’s never far from his creations. An accident changes her complaints into reality.

Imaginary Frenemies

B.J.’s imaginary antagonist seems real even though there’s no way she could be. Does she have a plan to help him decide?

Catch & Release

B.J.’s imaginary antagonist Pihaa has brought the authorities down on his head. How will he get out of the mess she’s dragged him into?

Wishful Dying

Episode 3 received no comments, leaving Pihaa – the imaginary antagonist brought to life by Mayan magic – without a leash while she holds a gun on the authorities. Will she kill the officers or let him go to a Mexican jail?


Coming Soon. Comment on the last episode to help mold the coming issue.



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