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Scion Series

I’m a writer. It’s who I am, what I love, a lifestyle and a stress outlet. To be specific, I’m a discovery writer. I enjoy seeing how my stories evolve, seeing where the characters lead me and perhaps most of all listening to readers’ responses to the tales I pen. These are my scribbles (my writings) both free and for sale. Enjoy

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The Scion Series

Intergalactic foes clash over Earth’s atmosphere. Welorin victors invade Earth, subjugating its people. His people, past and memory stolen by the invasion, a teen boy, Alaric, struggles to survive in ruined wastes. He escapes Earth’s solar system with the help of a ship’s computer fed up with serving pirate crews. Intent to return to Earth, he sets out to gather resources, repair the ship, and return to free planet and friends from the invaders. He finds a strange universe filled with exotic species, pirates, bureaucrats, rivals and slavers arrayed to stop him. Betrayed, Alaric is forced to decide what he truly holds dear and just how far he’s willing to go to achieve his goals.

Scion of
Conquered Earth

Book 1

An alien force has descended upon Earth. Fighters bombard the ruins. Monsters hunt the wastes – some humans serving the Welorin in order to indulge their petty cruelties. The last free survivors struggle against starvation and capture. It’s a world where friendship costs too dearly and heroics verge on suicide.

Stolen Lives

Book 2

Alaric’s made a new life in the Protectorate despite his missing memories. His ship’s AI, Cassii, and a successful trading venture help fill his accounts with enough credits to finish repairing his ship for a rescue mission to Earth. Or would have, had his heroics not smashed Cassiopeia once more.


Book 2+

Manc Shepherd’s alive and mad as hedrin. His plan to trap Alaric backfired, nearly costing his life. His backup ambush failed. The kid’s in the wind and Corollas want Manc for the death of Birak and Strepe—the Bishop’s enforcers. Everything he’s done to attain a position within the Corollas upper echelon has been blasted to ashes, but Manc’s not willing to give up his vendetta against the Bishop.

Cover reveal coming soon


Freedom is born from losing everything a second time.

Coming Soon.​

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