Magic’s Tears

Category: Young Adult Fantasy Adventure

Tagline: A perfect society all for only the price of their children.


In the feudal-socialist realm of Netaol, every citizen’s need is fulfilled by magic. It only costs them their children.

Days from adolescence, Trill’s life is coming to an end. She’s served in Magus Elsie’s Circle all her life, living as a Conduit to transform other energy sources to empower Elsie’s magic. Surviving to adolescence as a Conduit means trading service for slavery as a breeder. It’s a doom she’d do anything to escape.

Aristocrats rule fractured dukedoms arrogant in their control over Magus and their magic by rationing symbiotic Foci – the means to create Magus. Magus lord over the magistrates. Magistrates dominate the peasants. Men control the women. Women provide children to fuel it all. It’s a perfect world where everything has a place and few realize their perfect lifestyle is a constructed of chains.

Netaol’s Temples hide a dark secret. Those concealed destroy anything that threatens the system which feeds them. Deep within, Conduits are perverted into weapons to consume the living.

Trill is forced to murder her twin to fuel Elsie’s magic. A rogue Magus helps Trill escape the Temple after she learns its secrets. Driven insane by his Foci’s struggles to usurp their shared body, the Magus abducts her, forcing Trill to abandon her Circle to a sadistic Magus in order to save her life once more.

With no other way to save her Circle, Trill fights to forge her Conduit abilities into a weapon before her friends suffer a fate worse than her own. But freeing them and Netaol’s citizens may cost her more than just her soul.

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