Magic with a Drawl

The Magic with a Drawl world of books encompasses two series starring southern magic wielders.

The Bitter Gate Chronicles:

Magic, moonshine and mercenaries fill a world of bad blood and bitter feuds. Families aer torn by lines of power and secrets Magic doesn’t want known. Join 400 year old peanut farmer and wizard Jedediah Shine as he defends humanity and the Fey from one another while both leave murders on his doorstep. Its a world of dragons and elves, centaurs and pixies where youth is a key turn away and ultimate power is guarded by a simple deed.

  1. Murder in Wizards Wood
  2. The Wizard’s Bane (Coming 2017)
  3. Malicious Blood (Still Scribbling)
  4. Untitled (Haven’t started yet)

The Unexpected Witch:

Across rural Georgia from Jedediah, Dorthy Azalea Copperbottom inherits a demon on her first day of high school. She finds herself beset by a world of dark deals, magical murders and peer pressure. She only wanted to work in horror films, not live them.

  1. Kissin Coven
  2. Untitled (Haven’t started)
  3. Untitled (Nope, nothing)
  4. Untitled (You should just be glad I can project the minimum number of books in this series)
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