Heirs of War: Paladin

This novel is not yet published.

Category: High Fantasy

Tagline: Destiny is the Worst Inheritance


In a world of living magic, fresh malevolence grows from old roots. A young, powerful wizard, Sedgrick, wages a war across the continent Maeran Essen, and one by one the scattered realms fall.  Three heroes from Maeran Essen’s last Great War select unwitting champions to thwart his advance.

Two wayward adolescents threaten magic’s balance with their love, invoking dread in magic itself. Warded by Archmagus Torpin, shielded by a spirit torn from magic by a dangerous rite, they’re imperiled by Sedgrick’s conquests and magic’s reprisal. Hidden behind an iron mask and a name of ancient evil, a single survivor sets out intent upon vengeance.

A former king’s spirit lays his hopes upon his untrained grandson, Corwin. Beneath his father’s corrupt rule Corwin’s sister is attacked, forcing Corwin upon a search for justice armed only with glorified aspirations to an impossible ideal.

Laenylus, last son of Therymn’Lyath–pariah among elven tribes, struggles beneath its unexplained dishonor. Desperate to defend his once betrothed and regain his tribe’s honor, Laenylus violates sacred law. Self-exiled he quests down manipulated paths for a way to restore all.

Forged together by manipulative forebears and conspiring evils, they learn that destiny is the worst kind of inheritance…

Excerpt: (Not Yet Available)

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