Crossways: The Wayman Chronicles

This novel is not yet published.

Category:  Adult Fantasy/Science Fiction/Humor Adventure

Tagline: The fate of eleven universes rests on the shoulders of a hapless trucker who can’t read a map.


Unable to transport luxuries directly from neighboring universes without mass death harmful to re-election campaigns, leaders of the Ten Universes built a hypoallergenic crossroads: Eleventh World. A villainous force threatens to destroy Earth and its accidental populace if United Planes Organization doesn’t meet his long list of confusing demands. The least but most confusing of these designates a hapless trucker who can’t even read a map as sole deliveryman.

Once a model wayman, Sam Bridger lives a carefree life despite disastrous luck. Between abductions by princesses or being slapped with fish, Sam seldom finishes a haul on plan or schedule, but there’s no reason to rush. Worlds wouldn’t end if the over-privileged waited for their trifles. Sam spices up his trips replacing dropped ice cream cones, helping little old ladies smuggle weapons of mass destruction, carting hitchhikers to universes they’re not supposed to know exist, or getting his rig repainted. He’s much too busy to save the world.

It’s just as well, the authorities have no intention of telling him that his universe is about to go boom. There’s only one reason to single out a wayman like Sam – he’s in on it, maybe even the mastermind holding eleven universes hostage. If they’re wrong, Sam’s unorthodox antics may decide everyone’s fate.



Excerpt: (Not Yet Available)

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