Scion 3: Unchained Launches


​Starfleet International Assistance Request

​Earlier this year at the Region 2 Summit I offered a special character slot up for charity auction. My CO - USS DaVinci's Freddy Heller - won the auction and donated the character appearance in my next book to Sandy Dolan to memorialize her husband Bruce. Being new to SFI and region 2, I never got to know Bruce, but after he'd been selected for the slot everyone at the conference came up to me to tell me about him. The more I heard, the more I learned how important what I would be doing was to everyone in Region 2. I spent several hours talking to Sandy and Shawna, building a framework of knowledge for the task. The more I talked to them, the more impressed I became by them and by association Bruce.

I decided then that I wasn't going to treat this as a run of the mill type character tuckerization. I wanted to go out of my way to make the whole thing something Sandy and Shawna could remember. I enlisted them each separately for help in little surprises, never giving either the full picture of what I wanted to do to make this special for them. I've done everything I intended - including what turned out to be a phone call with one of Sandy's favorite authors Mercedes Lackey and Misty's husband  Larry Dixon. There's only one thing left to complete my master plan​: launch th​e book containing Bruce's memorial big.

First things first, Sandy has read and approved Unchained for release, so I am confident that those that knew Bruce will enjoy at least his part of the evolving Scion story. She's been pleased with my little surprises. I've done everything I can to honor Bruce and make this an experience for Sandy and Shawna to cherish, but now I need some assistance. As an up and coming author, my readership isn't very big. I don't have the ​notoriety yet to really launch this book the way it deserves, so I'm turning to SFI and Region 2 for a little help.

​Phase 1: Scion Series Visibility Boost

Scion of Conquered Earth Cover

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Stolen Lives Cover

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Hijacked Cover

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I won't bore you with a bunch of jargon about Amazon's visibility algorithms. Suffice to say, the more reviews a book has and the more times someone clicks the "Yes" button next to, "Was this review helpful to you?" the more Amazon will show the book to potential buyers. The early threshold magic numbers for reviews are 25 and 50. Many of you bought Scion books at the Region 2 conference. In order to create buzz for the series and hopefully make Unchained more visible, I'd very much appreciate it if you could review the books on Just two sentences can make a huge difference, and help me get this series into more hands.

​I have loaded the whole Scion series up onto Amazon Kindle Unlimited. On Kindle Unlimited, the first three ebooks can be borrowed for free by KU subscribers. I'll be dropping the kindle price of each to $0.99 the three weeks leading up to Unchained's release, but for SFI members willing to help, you won't even have to buy them. I'll buy and email Amazon kindle codes to you between now and the launch. All I'd like you to do is read, hopefully enjoy, post an honest review on and click those little Yes buttons.

​Phase 2: Unchained Launch ​Team

​​The next part of launching the book is release day reviews, and once more, I won't be asking you to buy anything. Anyone from SFI interested in helping with phase 2 will get an ebook file of Unchained emailed to them two weeks before launch day. Read it​, again hopefully enjoy it, post an honest review on the day it releases and click those ​Yes buttons.

Phase 3: Tell your friends

​Word of mouth is bread and butter for writers. Help spread the word. Share the link to this page, tell other readers about the Scion series sale and upcoming release.​

My Thanks

​I want to thank Sandy, Shawna, everyone from Region 2, my CO Freddy Heller, and everyone who volunteers for their helping raise Scion's visibility and launching Unchained the best we're able. For those that bought the book or who pick it up during the $0.99 sale, thanks again.

​Participation Instructions:

​To be part of any phase of this launch, please:

  • check
    ​Message launchteam at
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    Provide a preferred email address for communication
  • check
    ​Specify which phase(s) you're interested in helping with 
  • check
    Tell me what you need from me, such as buying/emailing specific Kindle codes, additional instructions, the Unchained Launch Team ebook, or whatever.


​As for those that ​expressed interest in buying autographed copies of Unchained, I'll be releasing another message about that later. The quick and dirty will work pretty simply. I'll collect orders per chapter, calculate bulk shipping for the boxes going to each chapter where possible, buy/sign the books, send out paypal invoices and ship the books, If you'd rather get your copy off Amazon, I'll be happy to sign them any time you meet me at a show.

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