About Writing

“Writing is it’s own special kind of magic. Have you done any magic today?”

— Michael J. Allen (Posted to my monitor.)

I’m a writer, an author, a novelist, a scribbler. Much of my life is about words. I surround myself with words, whether they are those I pen myself or the vast ocean of published fiction which brings us all such delight. I also surround myself with those who love words, reader and author alike. As a child the written world gave me new places to play. As an adult professional authors too numerous to count have taken a moment to help me along with my writing desires.  In my opinion, every author should pass along what he knows, offer a hand to the next aspiring novelist and help those who may join them someday. I don’t see other authors as my competition. They’re my companions, sharing an adventure which brings that special magic into the lives of those who crack open our pages.

Let’s begin with the best piece of advice I ever got:

If you can stop writing, step away now. Find a different path before the craft infects you. If you’re free of the obsession, run before it seizes your life. If you can stop writing, then you probably weren’t meant for this journey. Those of us who are writers, write because we cannot not write.

I tried to take this advice, but it was too late for me. Save yourself….

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