Protectorate Glossary

Welcome to the Protectorate of Confederated Allied Systems Data Library

Considering the many systems and peoples of the Protectorate, PCAS governance has compiled this list as a vocabulary guide to reduce the misuse of terms local to affiliate and independent systems.

Bo: A massive herbivore native to the Inheran systems. Its shoulder commonly reaches a height equivalent of two adult Inherans and a width to rival most space fighters. The bo has been prized as a cash crop, providing meat, hide and milk until the recent disaster on Inhera Two. Bo meat is currently outlawed in the Protectorate while efforts to save the gentle giant from extinction continue.

Biboyek: A twin headed herbivore originating in the Pelom system. Biboyek are at home eating lush grasses and sparser scrub. They have slow, but hot tempers. Should find yourself confronted with a charging biboyek, splitting the attention of its heads should calm the creature.

Botracl: The fecal expulsions of a bo or similar herbivore. This term is not to be used to signify lies or incredulous circumstances.

Centi: A time measurement equivalent to one hundredth of a tick, roughly equivalent to one half Sol minute.

Cycle: A time measurement based upon a three-hundred sixty degree rotation of a planet with reference to its star. Once calculated as the average number of ticks per planetary rotation of all inhabited Protectorate worlds, the Palivent has since decreed it based solely upon the planetary rotation of Alistar Prime with reference to its primary star: thirty ticks.

Fahtsys: The fahtsys is a mating ritual native to the Cybriean home worlds.  Due to the empathic projections of most Cybrieans, this act of copulation is often experienced by others outside the act, depending upon the empathy strength of the man-man, man-woman or woman-woman involved. Unintended projection of procreation emotions has led to the idiom: Fathsysed you over [a distance.] The term fahtsys refers to a biological and spiritual experience and should not be used in a profane manner. Alternate forms: fahtsysed (past tense), fahtsysing (present participle)

Gyat: A long-haired omnivore native to the mountainous, cold weather regions of the Zrael star system. They are able to subsist on mountain scrub, but will quickly resort to killing their own species for meat. Zraelians have relished the dangers of a gyat hunt for centuries – many being eaten by their prey. Modern domesticated gyat are raised for their enriched, enhanced milk production.

Hedrin: A plane of existence defined in the religion writings of the Xidian peoples. The plane is attained through disagreeable behaviors, subjecting a wrong doer to an eternity of nose-congesting cold and an absence of any odor. Despite recent adoption as a blasphemous statement, Xidian oligarchy insist only true Xid end up in Hedrin.

Joatra: A Joatra is a hexapedal burden animal originating in the Jaan star system It is valued in agrarian systems throughout the Protectorate. This herbivore is known for its oversized teeth, harsh bray and tendency to resist training or instructions. Its stubborn nature extends culinarily, as chef’s around the protectorate are still trying to find a cooking method to make its tough meat palatable.

Kleeskot: A canid creature originating in the Krail star system. While varying in coloration based upon topography, a bristly fur covers a scaly skin layer of most kleeskot. These scavengers are pack oriented oftentimes decried as a delicacy by the Kraili. They’ve evolved a rapid reproductive cycle and large litter size to survive in the arid wastes of Krail as well as the hungers of its people.

Micro: A time measurement equivalent to one hundredth milli. Colloquially used to designate a moment in time.

Milli: A time measurement equivalent to one hundredth of centi.

Nralt: Nralt defines an Eviarch term dating back to a period in their history where their species was threatened. It classifies an umoid designated for rapid breading, but in later years has come to classify an umoid, usually Eviarch, suffering a compulsive breeding neurosis. Use of the term by other than qualified medical personnel should be avoided.

Qutynmiir: A time measurement equivalent to a four subsequent tynmiir. Longer than a single rotation of Alistar Prime around its primary star by forty-two cycles.

Tick: A time measurement which provides the basis of all time in the Protectorate. A tick is equivalent to one hundred centi or an 10% rotation of Alistar Prime with reference to its primary star. Early vocabulary adaption also tied to the sound made by primitive chronometers at the end of the same period.

Tyn: The number of digits on an Alistari or vanilla umoid’s hands. A time measurement equivalent to ten cycles. Also equivalent to a Sol number ten.

Tynmiir: Equivalent to the product of two tyn or one hundred, usually referring to as a time measurement numbering cycles. Corresponds to the approximate cycle length of an average season on Alistar Prime.




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