The Wizard’s Bane

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Wizard’s Bane is on the warpath. Jedediah’s missing. The Namhaid are rebuilding only miles from the farm. Jordan and Drake must choose between rescuing everything they’ve come to love or abandoning it all for new safer lives–if it isn’t already too late.

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Velith’Seravin and his Wizard’s Bane are on the warpath. Their ranks swell, drawing discontent recruits from many of the Fey communities. Quadruplet faun sorceresses embolden a daring raid, capturing the powerful necromancer Mauve. With arcane and shaman magic helping apprehend and execute wizards worldwide, Velith’Seravin courts full-scale Fey War by abducting dragonlings fostered by the wizards slain. Unbeknownst to him, his sorceresses owe the Namhaid wizard, Zero, for their enhanced powers.

Jordan’s alone. Jedediah and Drake are nowhere to be found. The farmhouse is in ruins. Jedediah’s ex-girlfriend Billie Jo hounds her, trying to save Jordan from Jedediah’s satanic influence. She drags Jordan back to school. She drags Jordan back into the system she thought she’d escaped. Her new foster mother is a sociopath. She’s struggling to survive Wizard’s Bane assaults, bounty hunters and church ladies armed with holy water, when she finds herself besieged by imperiled pre-teens pleading for her protection. Protecting one leads to the discovery of a secret Namhaid base built locally in Jedediah’s absence.

Drake has exiled himself as punishment for letting Lanea’s attacker escape. He drags himself out of a drunken Cherry Coke oblivion when Mauve’s apprentice, Kane, arrives with dire news and vicious sorceresses on his tail. He abandons Kane and his troubles to Jordan, flying cross-country to beg Stormfall for help reaching a desperately needed but broken Jedediah. En route, he discovers centaurs are kidnapping dragonlings when he helps an injured Salyse. Burgeoning feelings war with guilt-riddled love. Pursued by dragon hunters Drake must choose: sacrifice avenging Lanea or rescue Salyse.

Jordan and Drake must find the strength to survive in a dangerous adult world. They must face their demons while protecting those in desperate need of their help. Can they face off against Zero and Stormfall and Wizard’s Bane without letting anyone die?

Excerpt: The Wizard’s Bane

Book Details
  • Category:  Adult Contemporary Fantasy
  • Series: Bittergate (Book 2)
  • Paperback: 362 pages
  • Publisher: Delirious Scribbles Ink (April 18, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13:
    • International Trade Paperback: 978-1944357269
    • Hardback: 978-1944357276
    • eBook: 978-1944357283
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