Book of the Dead

These pages are being rewritten.
Please be patient, revisions are the heart and soul of good writing.

Welcome to the Book of the Dead.

The people listed below have entered into the pages of my imagination. Most have not survived. If you’d like to die between the pages, more information is listed after we’ve honored those that have gone before you….


Joining the honored deceased:

There are several ways to become cannon fodder within one of my works.

  • Subscribers of my newsletter have a chance to be offered the dubious honor of inclusion into one of the stories.
  • Convention sign ups and booth activities offer additional opportunities to win.
  • Fan art submitted for use on this website offers a chance as well.
  • Launch and Street Team members need only request a slot after their successful participation in one of these campaigns.

Details regarding the specifics of each opportunity such as genre, race, appearance, kind of character, etc will be issued on a case by case basis to the reader offered a slot.

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