Get Involved

I’m here for you, the reader, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use a little help. Here are some of the ways….

Best ways for every reader to help ANY author:

  1. Read our books and enjoy them. That’s why we wrote it.
  2. Tell your friends about the book so they can enjoy it too.
  3. Follow an author on social media. Say hello. Writing is a lonely profession.
  4. Share links to reviews, posts, etc on social media. The more the merrier!
  5. Post a review on or Goodreads. This REALLY helps.
  6. Click “Like” on their Book and Author pages on Amazon
  7. “Share” links to their Book and Author Pages on social media.
  8. Read some more!

Sharp Eyes:

Let us know about a book error:

We’re not perfect, but we always want to be better for you. If you’re the first person to submit an error to us so we can correct it, we’ll add you to the acknowledgements for that book when the next revision is released. Thanks for volunteering as a reader-watchdog.

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Book of the Dead:

Dying to be in a book? No problem.

There are several ways to become cannon fodder in one of my works. the most common way is by subscribing to the newsletter and winning a place between the pages. If you’re interested in the nitty gritty, click here.

Launch Team:

Love my work? Want a free eBook before the book releases? Then you might want to be part of my select launch teams:

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Proofreader Team:

I maintain a small number of proof readers who read early versions of my work to ensure each book is the best possible. Proofreaders are offered a book and a timeline. If they think the book matches their normal reading taste and they’ll willing to commit to meeting the deadline, they get the assignment. If you think you’ve got the right skills and want to help, fill out an application with some basic information and why you think you’d be good at proof reading.  When I need a new proof reader, I’ll go to the list to fill in my team.

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