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The Wizard's Bane front coverBittergate 2: The Wizard’s Bane


Jedediah’s troubles are far from over. Grief consumes him. His students are forced to manage in his absence – an absence Zero and Velith’Seravin both choose to exploit. The Namhaid recover from FBI assault brought upon them in response to their assaults on Jedediah. Wizard’s Bane hunt and slaughter wizards, performing quiet atrocities that might expose the Fey to humanity and bring war to all.

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Scion 2.5: Hijacked

Alaric rockets across the stars, leaving behind one time allies Manc Shepherd and Tyne Ren. Neither sits around quietly waiting on his return. Captain Shepherd calls upon old favors and leverages all of his resources to track down Alaric and repay the young man for his betrayal. He extorts the assistance of the lovely pirate, but Tyne has an agenda of her own. The Corollas want both, and will bloody the stars with murdered innocents to deliver them to the Bishop’s feet.

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