B.J. Craft is Back & Pihaa is Out of Control!

B.J. Craft

Jun 09

The Adventures of B.J. Craft: A reader molded story.

Episode 4: Wishful Dying is here. Episode 3 received no comments, leaving Pihaa – the imaginary antagonist brought to life by Mayan magic – with no leash while she holds a gun on the authorities. The fourth installment resumes with B.J. up to his neck in trouble. Will she kill the officers or let him go to a Mexican jail. Guess how you find out?

The officer pointed his gun down at Pihaa. “Drop it, chica. You’re only going to reach a hospital in time if you surrender now.”

BJ stared at the tableaux. His imagination held a gun pointed up at the last of the Mexican authorities. Her confiscated revolver pointed at the man’s heart without the tiniest shake, even despite the blood running down one perfect breast.

Read the whole episode here.

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