The Wizard’s Bane: Front Cover Reveal


Apr 14
The Wizard's Bane front cover

The Wizard's Bane cover revealThere’s a lot I can say about this journey, but mostly right now I’m scrambling to get everything lined up in time for next week’s release. A lot of people help with these projects, but a lot of things step in to interfere too. In the final days of any release, all the balls come back to me. I have to juggle them while wondering, “What did I miss? Did we find all the typos? Will they like how the cover prints? Will the sequel live up to reader expectations?” A thousand questions and uncertainties arrive with a new release, but one of my mentors/heroes has done this twenty times more than I have and still has those same questions.

Well boys and girls, I hope you like this cover. I hope you love the book. I’ve got a thousand more things to check and recheck. I’ll see you next week for the release.

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