New YouTube Reviews for Murder in Wizard’s Wood.


Apr 12
Murder in Wizard's Wood

What can I say about reviews? They’re like horror films that you just can’t get enough of. I don’t think any author ever has enough reviews, I know getting reviews has proved something of a nightmare for me. The author in me who wants his work read begs for more. The artist in me pours over every one trying to find what people didn’t like and fix it. Then there are the purely negative reviews. I’ve been spared those so far, but I know every time I check a title for new reviews that they’re waiting around the corner like a horror film villain.

This week I’ve been fortunate enough to have received not only several good reviews but two video reviews on YouTube. I’m just tickled to death by the really fantastic things both of these ladies had to say, and I just wanted you to hear it from them – and it is my blog, right? I’m not quite sure how to embed a YouTube video, so here are the links. Check out the reviews then please take a look at their other videos.


[OH, that’s how.]


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