Sounds of SCION


Apr 07

I’m back in the Geek Versus Studio for audiobook recording. They’ve gone through a major upgrade, so I have to start over to keep the audio quality uniform. Unfortunately I haven’t read Scion of Conquered Earth or really done any reading out loud in some time. I made a ton of mistakes. Tony Henderson (the project producer/editor) will go over the chapters we got done, give me notes and we’ll either record corrections or I’ll start over.

I’m trying to juggle a lot of little skill things most people don’t think about when recording – like turning my head every time I take a breath instead of leaving the little pop noise in the recording. I’m grateful for Tony’s experience. I’m anxious to get this audio book done for everyone. SCION 1 has been out a year and still no audio…or for 2…or 2.5…or 3 releasing later this year.

Geek Versus has launched a new website []. You should check them out for all your geek fandom topics.

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