Myth & Magesty

The Scribbler

Feb 20

My beloved girls were deliriously happy to have me back after a week at Pensacon. They insisted upon helping test out the new camera.  Like a devoted dog servant, I obeyed.

Meet Magesty (pronounced majesty.) She’s a few years old now, but she doesn’t know it. We were lucky to find her at Animal Ark and brought her home to liven up everyone’s life.


Myth is the queen of the pack. She pretends she doesn’t have as much energy, but she can move like a wind with it’s tail on fire when she wants. She was happy when her new expanded yard came with a young pup to run with her.


They occasionally fight – usually over who deserves more attention, but sometimes they just take a spot on the couch to either side, offering their warmth and pettable fur while I scribble away on the laptop. There you are, ladies and gents. All praise the mistresses of my house, and don’t forget the treats.

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