Introducing the Adventures of B.J. Craft

B.J. Craft

Nov 29

The Adventures of B.J. Craft: A reader molded story.

Join B.J. Craft’s adventures, but as more than just a spectator. This project is intended as an episodic offering where reader participation shapes each new episode much in the tradition of the old Choose Your Own Adventures stories.

The new antagonist glared up at BJ, blinking the cursor in irritation. He—or perhaps she if the tapping cursor were any indication—refused to come to life on the page. Behind him, another foot tapped in synchronized impatience. “This is supposed to be our vacation. Can’t you leave that damned laptop alone for even one day?”

“You should know by now that inspiration happens when it wants to,” BJ said.

“That doesn’t look like inspiration. That looks like writer’s block.”

“She’s being stubborn.”

Morgan rolled her eyes. “I swear, you pay more attention to that laptop than you do to me. You promised this cruise would be just us—not you, me and your mistress.”

Read the whole episode here.

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