New Writing Wardrobe

The Scribbler

Sep 06

MrMichaelAllen I love dressing up. I was that kid that wore a three-piece suit to grade school picture day. I thought Alex P. Keaton was the coolest guy ever.  Being sharply dressed makes me feel incredible – particularly about myself. It’s empowering. That’s one of the reasons when I’m out in public being the Michael the Writer I choose dress shirts, jackets, vests, and what have you.


At the same time, I can’t imagine sitting around a restaurant writing and eating all dressed up. When I’m just a delirious scribbler out and about behind my laptop, I prefer to be comfortable. Just the same, I like to wear things my warped mind thinks is cool stuff.

We snuck into the vendor mart at DragonCon on the way out of town and added to my wardrobe. Here are the addition to the Scribbler’s writing wardrobe:

IMG_0120 IMG_0125
IMG_0121 IMG_0124
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