Metahistorical Chronicler


Oct 25

Greetings Infophiles,

Let this letter serve as formal introduction appropriate to customs observed by your varied chronospheres.  I, Irving Aloysius Hobb – no relation, serve as chronicler of metahistorical personages for, heh heh, well, for an organization in the employ of the notorious Scribbler. For the foreseeable future I shall employ the services of Arbiter Möbius to interview the characters from the various universes recorded on this data portal. Should questions of metahistorical clarification obsess, heh heh, your waking thoughts, either leave them as comments or email them to iahobb at this data portal domain.

–Irving Aloysius Hobb

  • Volijay says:

    Does Drake die?

    • Irving Aloysius Hobb says:

      Seeker Volijay,

      Everything dies, but, asking Drake, the dragon formally named Rydari Phriel, during my interview whether or not he believes himself dead or, heh heh, imminently doomed stretch the limits of inquiry allowed metahistorians by the Chronoverse Arbiter Corp.


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